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Market Research

Entering a new market can be interesting, exciting, time-consuming and challenging. Nevertheless, it should result to profitability and business growth.

The population and markets in Africa & Sweden are rapidly growing. There is a growing middle class in West Africa that is prepared to purchase goods and/or services. Finding reliable information and/or data for these markets may be difficult as their statistical agencies may not be as sophisticated as those of developed market economies.

SwedAfrica can help you identify some trusted partners with whom you can work to understand how these markets operate, your direct competitors, value proposition, etc to successfully formulate a realistic market entry strategy for regions in Sweden & West Africa.

B2B Matcmaking

SwedAfrica helps you find specific business partners for your product or service in Sweden or West Africa.

Our B2B Matchmaking service forges cooperative partnerships and experience exchange between companies. This entails a win-win interaction between the parties concerned - be it a meeting at our our TradeTalk Events or other networking facilitated by SwedAfrica for companies who have indicated interest to enter the markets in Sweden or West Africa.

The key factors that characterize our B2B Matchmaking service are:

  • Company-to-company matchmaking (Swedish to West African company matchmaking and vice versa).
  • One-to-one booked meetings between companies in Sweden & West Africa.

Company Verification

Are you interested in finding out the legitimacy of a company you want to do business with in Sweden or West Africa?

SwedAfrica’s Verification Service entails verifying the physical location of a business or company, contacting specific principals of interest within the business and reviewing business registration documents to ensure the business is legally registered.

The verification process takes approximately 7-14 business days to complete depending on the geographic location of the company.

Talent Match

Our TalentMatch service helps match Swedish companies to talented African graduates who can successfully help them enter a specific market in Africa.

The cornerstone here entails:

  • Talent-to-company & Company-to-talent matchmaking.
  • One-to-one booked meetings between companies & talented graduates.

TradeTalk Events

The TradeTalk events brings together companies and talents seeking each other to meet face-to-face and engage into active networking after seeing each other's online profile

During these events, companies will benefit from talks from trade experts and investors providing them with relevant knowledge to help build your business internationally.

SwedAfrica has a data base of outstanding African graduates and prospective graduates from prestigious Swedish institutions (University of Gothenburg, Lund University, Stockholm Business School, etc).

Our Events Calendar (under construction) provides details about the upcoming TradeTalk events taking place in Sweden & Africa

You may also take advantage of the network and traffic on SwedAfrica’s website to advertise job opportunities to the appropriate target audience.